What’s the difference among Time Machine,Time Capsule and Mac Time Capsule?

Someone browse our website leave a note ask us what’s the difference among the time Machine , Time Capsule and Mac time capsule?

Time Machine is a software application that comes free with every Mac. After you set up and run it, the software makes a backup of your Mac computer every hour or every day, to any external hard drive or Mac PC itself. The first time it backs up it takes awhile, because it’s backing up everything on your computer. After that, it only backup anything that’s changed since the last time.

To activate it, buy an external hard drive and plug it into your Mac. Then go to System Preferences–>Time Machine to set it up.

Time Capsule is a piece of hardware that is produces by Apple and that you need to buy with a expensive price. It’s combine two devices into one–a wireless router, and a hard drive, you can say it’s wireless router with hard disk or a hard disk with wifi functions. So the wireless router lets you create a wireless network in your home or office. The hard drive serves as the destination drive for your Time Machine backups, so Time Machine can back up wirelessly over the air. It’s a amazing product when it’s first to market.

Mac Time Capsule is a software which let time machine backup your mac to a Windows based computer. It’s a software run on a windows PC. After running the software, the PC can be treated as a Time Capsule.

You can use Time Machine without Time Capsule. You are able to backup Mac to PC with Mac Time Capsule. You could also use Time Capsule without using Time Machine, to create a wireless network and as a place to store files–but most people use it for wireless and for their Time Machine backup.

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