Time Machine the best Mac backup tool

TimeMachineis a built-in backupfeatureofOSXthat actually along with yourMacor anexteriordrive (sold separately) orAirportTimeCapsule. Connectthedrive, tellTimeMachinefordoingthings, andrelax. TimeMachineinstantlysupportsyour wholeMac, includingsystemfiles, programs, accounts, preferences, e-mail, music, photos, movies, anddocuments backup. Although there are many other powerful Mac backup tools, such as ChronoSync, Data Backup, Tri-BACKUP, SuperDuper!, Synk Standard, Knox,SmartBackup , and Synchronize! X Plus etc,compare with all of them from below 4 area,Time Machine is the best Mac backup tool with zero cost.

Backup Features

All the softwares we tested can help you move your Mac data to some secure location. What you need to decide is what you want to store and how you want to get it there. All of thesoftwaresweexaminedcan help youmoveyour computer datato somesecurelocation. What you ought todecideis whatyou would like tokeepand just howyou need to haveitthere. Mostsoftwarespermit you tocreateeasy to customizelistsoffoldersandlocationsfor thatMacbackupsoftwareto look atafter whichsave. Mostsoftwareswill help you towrite “scripts” meaningestablishing alisting offunctionsthis programwill workwhen youhitthe actionbutton.

If you’re concerned about keeping the data secure, search for a software that will safeguard your data with a password. Other softwares track all the changes you make to files, even if you delete them; this is referred to as archiving. Should youaccidentallyremovepersonal files, somesoftwarespermit you touse thebackuphard diskarchiveandretrieveit. Most softwares that offer archiving will also allow you to compress this data so it doesn’t take up massive amounts of space in your destination drive. Most significantly, you have toselect aprogramwhich willfacilitatethestorageof thedataon yourpreferreddevice, varyingfromexpensivedrivesandexteriorhard disk drivestoCompact disksandDvd diskstoonlinenetworkservers.

Restore Features

Once you’ve securelyguaranteedyour computer datain yourbackuphard disk, it’s not goodshould you can’t easilygive it backfor yourprimaryhard disk. MostMacbackupsoftwaresoftwaresdependheavilyaround theFinderutility, permittingyou to definitelysearchyourcollectionand justdraganddropitbackon yourhard disk. Otherswill take you step-by-step through acompletesystemrestorefrom the bootable copy. Somedata isonlygoing toworkif it iswithin thecorrectlocation, whichsomesoftwaresmay evenswitchthe datausing theiroriginalfilepathwayssonoinformation is orphaned in yourhard disk. Othersoftwarescan help youkeep an eye onindividualschangesyou’ve madeinside yourfiles, and permityou towalkbackthrougheachkey toreinstate yourdocumentbefore you decide toaccidentallysavedregarding this.

Ease of Use

Aboveanyfancydesignorgroupingoftools, you’ll need aprogramthat’ssimple to use. If yourMacbackupcomputer softwareisloaded withlots offeatures, butcauses it to bedifficult fortheir services, thenodds areyou will notfeel thenecessarystepsto maintain yourdatasafe. A coursethat causesit to besimple to usemeans you’ll utilize itmore, meaningyour computer datais going to beregularlycurrent. Somesoftwarescan also beautomatedusing aarrangingfunctionto operatewhenever you aren’t at thecomputer. They’ll wakeyour pcupfrom thesleepandsave your valuabledata. This really isgreatsince it won’t interruptyou againstyour projectsforbackup copiesin the center ofadeadlinecrunch. A user friendlyprogramis essential.

Help & Support

While manyof thesesoftwaresarerelativelystraightforwardwithin theirexecution, sometimes you’ll end upitchingyour mind. It’s vital that youchooseMacbackupsoftwarethat providesa number oftechniques tolocatesolutionsfor yourquestions, whetherthat’svia adirectemailtowards thedesigners, oron theuserforumthread, orsituatedawayinside ainstructionsorFrequently asked questions. The greaterassetsyou need toresponding tothe questions you havethe greater.


What makes Time Machine different from most other backup softwares is that it not only keeps a spare copy of every file,it takesnoteof the wayyour systemseena day-so that you canrevisityourMacbecause itmade an appearancepreviously. TimeMachinekeepshourlybackup copieswithin the last24hrs, dailybackup copieswithin the lastmonth, andweeklybackup copiesuntilyourbackupdriveisfull.

TimeMachineis really abackupsoftware programdistributedusing theAppleOSXcomputer operating-system. The programis made tousetimeCapsulestorageproduct, along with otherinternalandexteriorhard drives. It has beenaroundsinceMacOSX Leopard.


TimeMachinecan also beobtainable intheSnow Leopard, and Lion installationprocess. One of thefeatureswithin the Migration Assistantinterfaceis always to re-install the productsin aperiodMachinebackup. Basically, a harddiskmight berestoredfrom the TimeMachinebackupin case ofacatastrophiccrash.

OS X Lion and later let you:

  • Give your Time Machine backup a password to secure it.
  • Start from OS X Recovery using your Time Machine backup disk. With OS X v10.7.3 and later, Time Machine backs up the Recovery System on your Mac to your backup drive as well. This allowsyou utilizeyour time Machinedriveto beginyourMacas needed. Simplyconnectyour time Machinedrive, thenholdlowerthe optionkeyatstartupto chooseit as beingyourstartupdisk.


OS X Mountain Lion and later let you:

  • Encrypt AirPort Time Capsule backups and network backup.
  • Choose multiple backup destinations that Time Machine will rotate through for backup cycles.
  • Complete backups when the Mac is in Power Nap (on compatible Macs).

OS X Mavericks lets you:

Stay informed of the initial backup status using Notifications. Time Machine shows a notification after the first backup is finished, or if any issues arise throughout the first backup.


In conclusion, Time Machine is the most easy use , powerful ,costless and seamless backup software for Mac.

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