The best solution to back up your Mac.

If you have a Mac computer, you will be fully aware of the limited third party software. Many Mac users are reliant on the back-up system built into the OS X since version 10.5. This automated back-up software can do a full system backup. Although Apple’s Time Machine software is built-in to the system, it can sometimes fail you if the hard drive fails completely.

      Indeed, Time Machine is not an infallible backup program. You cannot customize the software to fit your needs. For example, you cannot decide on a different custom backup interval (60 minutes is the default that cannot be changed). In addition, the user-interface can seem a bit confusing to first time or even long time users. Unlike the Mac Time Capsule, where you can see everything that has been backed up, Time Machine does not allow users to easily see what has been recently backed up. Also, Time Machine is more focused on form so that it is difficult for users to approach the system and use it to their advantage.

      Mac Time Capsule is a managing software program that allows users to take the driver’s seat to customize their backup needs. The program is easy and very straightforward. The user interface is clean and does not have any unnecessary options. The advanced settings are approachable in a logical way that is familiar and can be maneuvered by even the inexperienced Mac user. One of the best features about Mac Time Capsule is that you can back up Mac files to Windows based computers (for those pesky times that a Mac will fail on you!)

      Also the fact that Mac Time Capsule is automated is a big plus. Once you have set up the system, you never have to worry about it again. Mac Time Capsule makes sure that your hard drive is safe from spontaneous hard drive failures. Because it backs up your hard drive in automated increments, you don’t have to constantly update and save your work with Mac Time Capsule.

      Although there are many great online backup systems like Google cloud, accidents happen and data can get lost very easily. You may have thought that you saved the data on your Google drive, but the data could just as easily become lost. If you want to keep you data safe, you need to take initiative because knowing that your data is safe is well worth the trouble.

      Mac Time Capsule can give you that peace of mind right now. Simply follow these steps:

      Step 1: Go to

      Step 2: Click on the Products Tab. Find Mac Time Capsule (and have a look at some other great programs)

      Step 3: Click Buy Now (only $19.99 for a limited time only!)

      Step 4: Click Run and never worry about backing up data!

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