Mavericks using the samba protocol as the Time Machine backup source

There are some solutions to setup a shared network disk for time machine. One of them according to a lot of on the internet guidelines, in a position to open the Time Machine recognition network disk:

    defaults create TMShowUnsupportedNetworkVolumes

But right here in my Mavericks, Time Machine and will not recognize the network disk sharing, suspect this setting is invalid in ML. But by no means thoughts,continue, disk image to generate a loose on a neighborhood desktop, for example, I want to create a 500G:

   hdiutil generate -size 500g -varietySPARSEBUNDLE -nospotlight -volname "Time Machine"-fs HFS+J -verbose ~/Desktop/myMacName_myMacAddress.sparsebundle

 Remember to produce machine name and Mac address to replace.

In addition, this image is loose, so soon after producing the only around 500MB,and will not say how significantly it must develop the mirror divided a lot nearby disk space.

Then place the mirror moves to the shared network folder, open the image inmobile sharing in doubleclick, will discover that is mounted on the.

The mount point usually is /Volumes/Time Machine, exactly where Time Machineis a begin to produce a mirror image of the name (if no name on it).

Finally, forced to develop this volume is Time Machine volume, execute the command:

  sudotmutil setdestination -p "/Volumes/Time Machine"

Sort your root password, and your job is completed.

Soon after the thing, is to open the Time Machine, to set the standard backup.Note that, if the use of the virtual machine, the virtual machine image on thebest exclusion list.

Crucial note: the Time Machine reliability employing the SMB mode of hack is very low, very easy to write undesirable. Recommend that you use the AFP protocol tobe dependable. Certain practices can use Mac Time Capsule. Mac Time Capsule will help you define a share destination for time machine on a windows PC easily.

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