How to use Mac Time Capsule to backup Mac to Windows computer

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• System Requirements

1. WINDOWS XP SP3 and later, 512MB RAM, 1GHz CPU; disk space, depending on the Mac system backup size.

2. Mac 10.9 iMac and later of, Mac Air, Mac Book Pro, Mac mini; 

• The installation procedure

1. First installation:

1.1   Download the latest version (which contains AppleBonjour service for Mac Mac Time Capsule service discovery through the network, required) from and run the install file in windows machine.

Install 01

Install 02

Install 04

Install 05

Install 06

Install 07

1.2    After installation, you can modify the user name and password which is needed from the Mac (default is tmwinx)


1.3    Select the directory for Mac Time Machine backup usage.

Install 03

1.4    Click start and minimize the program windows. The MacTime Capsule will be minimized to the task bar running in the background .

 2. Upgrade Installation:

Normally,your can install and  overwrite the old one directly.if any issue happen,you should uninstall the old and install the new version.

2.1 Backup conf.bin and cache.db in the original installation directory

2.2 Uninstall the old version.

2.3 Download the streamlined installation package (not included BONJOUR service, the previous version should have been installed and exist in the system) for installation.

Please do not start the service immediately after installation is complete, copy the backup conf.bin and cache.db to the update version’s installation path and then start the service.


How to Use

After installation in Windows machine, the Mac Time Capsule service is running by Apple Bonjour network discovery service which announce Mac host in the windows machine.

  • Step 1. Open the Finder application on the Mac machine which you want to run time machine. You can find in the left sidebar Mac Time Capsule host (with Mac Time Capsule service where your windows host name).


  • Step 2. Click on the host from Finder. Click on the link, enter the user name and password which is setup during installation, check remember and click connect , after that Click to select the directory (it’s very important and must click to select, otherwise following operations will fail).





  • Step 3. Run Time Machine, choose "Select Disk", you will see a volume, described as tmwinx on your windows host name, Time Machine backup data will stored in the directory. Select it and click "Use Disk." . Then the system will automatically start the backup by default after 120 seconds.





  • 4 Then the time machine will start backup your mac to windows pc



  • Tips:the backup time depends on your data size and your network speed


More details about how to run time machine , please refer to

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