How to Back Up Mac to PC

There are times when a user needs to back up Mac to PC. Reasons can vary, from switching one’s device from Mac to Windows or use the PC as a backup device. A backup is an important thing to have especially if you use your Mac for work. The task might seem daunting at first but back up Mac to Windows is easy as long as you have the right tools.

 The first thing that you need to have is a storage device where you will store your digital files. There are several mediums to choose from, such as USB hard drives, DVD, and more. External hard drives are the best when it comes to price per gigabyte, and they are found in all electronics shop. Mac owners who have PCs as well can also opt to store their backup data in their desktop or laptop computers running on Windows OS.

 Mac comes with a built-in backup program called Time Machine. Users can easily create their backups to an external hard drive, to a Mac or an Airport Time Capsule. The bad news is that it is not as user-friendly when backing up the data to a PC. The process becomes too complicated that you might need a cheat sheet whenever you need to back up your data. It requires going to the Terminal and pasting a command.

 This is because Mac and Windows utilise different file systems. Mac file systems are the standard HFS and Mac OS Extended or HFS+. And when it comes to Windows, it uses File Allocation Table or FAT and New Technology File System or NTFS. The latter doesn’t have any restrictions when it comes to the file site as well as other security features. It is due to the different file systems that Time Machine can’t save its backup data directly to a Windows PC. 

The easier way to back up Mac to PC is with the use of Mac Time Capsule. It is a software program that allows users to back up their data from a Mac to any Windows machine in three easy steps. It is as easy as downloading, installing and running Mac Time Machine. There’s no need to buy an expensive Airport Time Capsule.

In order to start using Time Machine to PC with the help of Mac Time Capsule, you must first ensure that the PC has enough storage space for the backup. It supports Windows XP with SP3 up to Windows 8. Security is not sacrificed as data remains secured while the backup is on-going. The good thing about the program is that it supports the creation and copying of files larger than 2 GB. As you can see, it is much easier to back up Mac to Windows with the use of Mac Time Capsule.

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