What is Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) normally refers to a wireless networking technique that utilizes any of the 802.11 wireless networking protocols. The Wi-Fi regular is set by the Wi-Fi Alliance, formerly identified as the Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance.

Numerous devices can use Wi-Fi, e.g., individual computer systems, video-game consoles, smartphones, some digital cameras, tablet computers and digital audio players. These can connect to a network resource such as the Net via a wireless network access point. Such an access point (or hotspot) has a variety of about 20 meters (66 feet) indoors and a greater range outdoors. Hotspot coverage can comprise an area as modest as a single room with walls that block radio waves, or as big as several square kilometres accomplished by utilizing several overlapping access points.

Wi-fi is typically mistaken as an acronymn for “wireless fidelity” and frequently you might also see it spelled with no the hyphen (wifi).

Taking into consideration whether or not or not to set up Wi-Fi in your home? Right here are just a couple of causes to set up a wireless network in your property:

  • Freedom to access the Net from anyplace inside the signal variety and move your devices around your house – anywhere within the Wi-Fi signal variety – with no losing your connection. Take any moveable device, like a laptop, into any space and nevertheless have Internet access, no further operate necessary.
  • Capacity to access other devices connected to your network, for instance, a number of computer systems can use a single printer with no a direct wired connection.
  • Access to the World wide web on devices like smartphones and tablets to download books, music, motion pictures and apps, or surf the web.
  • Freedom from the hassle of installing wired connections in various rooms.

Wifi technology utilizes radio for communication, generally operating at a frequency of 2.4GHz. Electronics that are “WiFi Certified” are assured to interoperate with each and every other regardless of brand. Wifi is technology created to cater to the lightweight computing systems of the future, which are mobile and developed to consume minimal energy. PDAs, laptops, and various accessories are designed to be wifi-compatible. There are even phones under development that would switch seamlessly from cellular networks to wifi networks with no dropping a call.

New wifi technologies will extend variety from 300 feet (91.five meters) to 600 feet (183 meters) and beyond, although boosting data transfer prices. Most new laptops presently come equipped with internal wireless networking cards.

Wi-Fi is a trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance that may be employed with certified products that belong to a class of wireless nearby location network (WLAN) devices primarily based on the IEEE 802.11 standards.