What is Volume?

A volume is a storage container that has been formatted with a file technique that your computer (in this case, a Mac) can recognize. Widespread varieties of volumes consist of CDs, DVDs, hard drives, and partitions or sections of challenging drives.

1) In computers, a volume is an identifiable unit of data storage that is at times (but not always) physically removable from the laptop or storage program. In tape storage systems, a volume could be a tape cartridge (or, in older systems, a tape reel). In mainframe storage systems, a volume may possibly be a removable difficult disk. Each and every volume has a program-distinctive name or quantity that makes it possible for it to be specified by a user.

In some systems, the physical unit might be divided into many separately identifiable volumes.

2) In audio, volume is the loudness of the signal.

When your Mac recognizes a volume, it will mount the volume on the desktop, so you can access any information it consists of.