What is restore point?

A restore point is the name provided to the collection of essential technique filesstored by Technique Restore on a offered date and time.

What you do in Technique Restore is revert to a saved restore point. See How To Use Method Restore in Windows for instructions on the process.

If no restore point exists on your personal computer, Method Restore has nothing at all to revert to so the tool won’t work for you. If you’re trying to recover from a main difficulty, you’ll need to move on to an additional troubleshooting step.

A restore point is a representation of a stored state of your computer’s method files. You can use a restore point to restore your computer’s technique files to an earlier point in time. Restore points are automatically designed by Technique Restore weekly and when Method Restore detects the starting of a modify to your laptop, such as when you set up a system or a driver.

Technique image backups stored on difficult disks can also be utilized for Method Restore, just like the restore points developed by system protection. Even though program image backups include each your system files and private data, your information files won’t be impacted by Technique Restore.

To produce or decide on a restore point in Windows XP: from the Start off menu, select Programs > Accessories > Method Tools > Technique Restore. From the Program Restore window you can choose Restore my laptop to an earlier time or Generate a restore point. If you select the first alternative, you will be able to choose a restore point that is already stored in your laptop. If you decide on the second selection, you will be asked to give the restore point a descriptive name to support you determine it, and the utility will back up all the information and save it with the restore point’s name, and the time it was created. Then, if need to have be, you can pick this restore point in the future by following the very same route, and choosing the alternative to restore your laptop to an earlier time.