What is iMAC?

The iMac is a range of all-in-a single Macintosh desktop computer systems made and built by Apple Inc. It has been the principal element of Apple’s customer desktop offerings because its introduction in 1998-08 (shipped intro 1998-05), and has evolved by means of six distinct forms.

Initially introduced in August 1998, the iMac was a common series of the Apple Macintosh laptop that was promoted for its ease of use and style.


The iMac was designed to win back former Mac users who had switched to Intel-based PCs, as properly as gain new users. Despite the fact that the iMac was much more pricey than comparable PCs and never ever contained a floppy disk drive, setting up, running applications and connecting to the World wide web was effortless. As a result, sales exceeded Apple Computer’s expectations. By 2001, second-generation iMacs with LCD screens hit the market place. In 2003, Apple came out with the third-generation iMac, which had eight instances the memory and 20 occasions the challenging drive space as the original iMac. In 2006 iMacs had been produced with Intel-primarily based chips.

The iMac was the 1st major achievement that Steve Jobs had upon his return to Apple. He of course followed this with the iPod, iTunes, iPhone, iPad, and so forth.

The iMac is a low-expense version of Apple Computer’s Macintosh . The iMac was designed to attract individuals who have never owned a private laptop and also to win back former Mac users who have moved to private pc . Released in mid-August, 1998, the initial version of the iMac featured a sleekly-molded designer-colored translucent case with a built-in 15-inch display, a quick 233 MHz processor, and the Mac OS operating program . Traditionally, somewhat higher in cost than Intel-based PCs, a low-priced Mac symbolized Apple’s determination to compete in and improve its share of the individual computer market. The iMac’s designers have omitted a floppy disk drive with the idea that couple of users will miss it. Apple is advertising the iMac as straightforward to set up and ideal for basic applications and surfing the Internet (the “i” in its name is said to stand for “Internet”). Sales have exceeded expectations.