What is data protection management (DPM)?

Data protection management (DPM) is the administration of backup processes to make certain that tasks run on schedule, and that data is securely backed up and recoverable. Good data protection management signifies having efficient processes and methodologies in place to preserve data integrity.

Not only does it allow you to intelligently backup these workloads, but it does all of this with out generating an outage to take these backups.  DPM will make backups of your Exchange Servers, SQL Servers, SharePoint Servers, Virtualized workloads, File Servers, and desktops in actual time with out user interruption!  Take note: virtualized workloads can be backed up in actual time as lengthy as the guest OS is VSS aware (Volume Snapshot Service).  VSS is incorporated in Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 (and R2) as effectively as the Client OS’, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.  These virtualized versions of Windows can be backed up in genuine time.  Keep in thoughts that the Windows Client OS’ are the skilled SKUs only.  The residence use SKU’s are not supported in a virtual environment.

For non-VSS aware OS’, the VM is paused even though a snapshot backup is taken.  Typically, this snapshot backup takes less than two minutes, but there is an outage even though this snapshot is becoming taken.  DPM can even let you to backup an Exchange, SQL or SharePoint server inside a VM.  I just really like this flexibility, simply because now you can backup (and restore) all of your important workloads seamlessly with 1 tool.