What is cold backup (offline backup)?

A cold backup is a backup that is performed whilst a database or technique is offline or in shutdown mode. By contrast, other types of backups might be performed while a database is operating and information is flowing into or out of the database or data warehouse structure.

The notion behind a cold backup is that if the backup occurs whilst a database is not operating, it is simpler to back up some files and forms of info that might be compromised if the backup try transpires whilst these files are in flux.

The cold backup is the opposite of what is known as a hot backup. With a backup that is hot, the system is continuing to operate and customers can freely access data during the backup process. With a lot of systems, customers are probably to knowledge at least some added time lag in retrieving info, considering that a portion of the technique sources are in use with the backup procedure. With a hot backup, added care have to be taken to capture any alterations or additions that customers enter in the course of the backup method. Organizations that are open around the clock often favor to go with the hot backup approach.

  • Help customers regain access to crucial data and applications following disasters
  • Help protect your organization’s mission-critical options

When system downtime have to be minimized, a hot backup can give an alternative to the cold backup. A hot backup can be carried out even as users access the database, but some strategy should be employed to guarantee that information being updated is noted and can be copied when the update is comprehensive.