What is Address Book?

Address Book is one of the applications that Apple bundles with Mac OS X technique software. Address Book permits you to generate and preserve a centralized repository of contacts that other software program programs can access and use.

An address book or a name and address book (NAB) is a book or a database utilised for storing entries referred to as contacts. Every contact entry generally consists of a couple of common fields (for example: initial name, final name, firm name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, fax number, mobile telephone number). Most such systems retailer the information in alphabetical order of people’s names, despite the fact that in paper-based address books entries can very easily end up out of order as the owner inserts details of more folks or as people move. Numerous address books use modest ring binders that let adding, removing and shuffling of pages to make space.

Address Book makes it simple to handle your current address book, personal organizer, or company card collection. Learn how to develop contacts and add Sensible Groups to your Address Book.


Address Book allows you to enter all sorts of details about a individual, such as his or her e mail addresses, phone numbers, addresses, websites, chat names, names of the crucial people in his or her life (which includes spouse, partner, mom, dad, siblings, and assistant), and far more. And because it is a system-wide application, you can email, chat, or go to a contact’s web site directly from an Address Book card. You can even print address labels.