Auckland Power Outage

The electricity black-out in Auckland, New Zealand has been troublesome for so many. The black-out affected many Auckland regions from for almost 3 days without any notice of when it began or when it would stop! On top of not being able to see anything (because the blackout disabled all the lighting), people have resorted to playing old fashioned board games because T.V. reception has also been disabled. Although boredom may not be a serious result of the black-out, a very serious problem that arose was the loss of data.

Many people were working on their computers when the power went out abruptly. Because of the sudden black-out, people who were working without auto-save lost a lot of hard work. Especially with exams and assignments piling on the end of semester, many students were frantic about the data they lost. Everyone will be able to sympathize with those who worked laboriously over assignments, just to have power outages or computer problems wipe their work again. So what can we do to prevent this from happening? No one likes to start their work from scratch AGAIN.

Data-backup is a lot easier than it sounds. Although backing up data is not new, many people are somewhat hesitant about trying because everything sounds so complicated. Now, there is a simple program with an easy user-interface that helps computer users save all their data in a few simple clicks.

Mac Time Capsule from Weisoft is a revolutionary new program that allows Mac users to back up their systems to both Mac and Windows based computers. It supports all versions of the iOS systems and Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. The best thing about Mac Time Capsule is that once it is loaded onto your computer, you can restore your systems even when the entire hard drive fails to work. It even saves your work automatically so that you never have to worry about losing data ever again!

So how do you get this revolutionary simple tool? Simply follow these steps:

      Step 1: Go to

      Step 2: Click on the Products Tab. Find Mac Time Capsule (and have a look at some other great programs)

      Step 3: Click Buy Now (only $19.99 for a limited time only!)

      Step 4: Click Run and never worry about backing up data!

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