IT Support For Business Essentials – Data Backup

If you’re a small business owner, it’s likely that, ever since you launched your business, you’ve been hounded by people from all corners – friends, colleagues, brand representatives, and business advisors – about how essential it is to back up your data correctly. No doubt you’ve heard all about how you can’t just settle for keeping one backup drive locked up in your office or home. You’ve got to keep several drives in secure locations, or several separate cloud backups, or perhaps even both.

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But keen as they are to offer advice, many of these folks who persistently push the importance of backups on you rarely offer proper insight as to why it’s so important.

To be sure, you don’t need to be told why it’s important to make some backups. But we’re rarely given sufficient justification to invest in multiple backups on multiple platforms, even though we’re frequently advised to do so. As a result, this “advice” can often feel intrusive, or more like a sales pitch than anything else. People who, frequently, aren’t even involved in our business are asking us to invest a hefty amount of your time and money in a single asset without sufficiently justifying why.

Small business owners ultimately face two choices – use professionals or DIY. The value of a professional IT support team such as 360ict IT support in London is probably only truly discovered when you realise the scale of the disaster which can befall you when you don’t use one. If you wish to go down the DIY route, then PC World offer a number of affordable hard drives. We would suggest buying two or three and storing them in different locations.

But the truth is that all that investment in multiple backups is worth it – even if not everyone does a good job explaining why.

One of the major paradoxes of the working world’s growing digitisation is that electronically stored work is becoming less safe. There may have been a time that a small business like yours could indeed afford to keep its data backups to a single cloud location or offsite hard drive. But nowadays, when hackers are always learning new ways to access cloud locations, and burglars are growing ever more aware of how valuable a data-rich storage drive can be, it’s increasingly becoming the case that keeping all your backup data in a single location can be just as disastrous as having no backup at all.

The fact is that, as a small business owner, you are persistently in a precarious position. No matter what your particular industry may be, no matter how well-established your business is, there’s always some competitor lurking around the corner, waiting to claim your spot in the market. And if there’s anything that’ll offer them a prime opportunity to do so, it’s lost data. After all, even if it’s only a partial loss, you could well find yourself having to put a great deal of business on hold while you invest time and resources into recovering or recreating lost data.

As a result, keeping multiple backups could well make the difference between your business’s ultimate success or failure. Lose a single backup out of many, and it’ll generally just be a matter of copy-pasting the data out of one of your uncompromised backups. Lose your sole backup, and you could find yourself frantically scrambling to recover the data while your competitors surge ahead of you.

Don’t skimp on backing up your data. You, your business, and your clients all deserve better than that.